SSL 100 SmallSat Product Line

The SSL 100 is a highly flexible LEO platform with the capability to serve a broad range of missions and orbits.

The SSL 100 product line offers cost-efficient solutions for emerging markets by leveraging
“new space” approaches.

• COTS hardware screened to meet minimum radiation levels
• Applying terrestrial hardware for space applications
• Retains SSL’s industry leading processes to ensure high reliability and quality


The SSL 100 Standard Bus Hosts A Variety Of Payloads

Communications Earth Observation  


P/L Mass Up to 250 kg
P/L Orbit Average Power Up to 400W
Knowledge Accuracy Up to 1.0° 3σ
Pointing Accuracy Up to 2.0° 3σ
Slew Rate Up to 1°/sec
GPS Position Knowledge < 20 m
Communications S-band U/L, X-band D/L
Propulsion Up to 400 m/s
Launch Rideshare compliant
or primary SC
Orbit Characteristics LEO to GEO and beyond
Mission Life Greater than 12 months


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SSL-100 GEO Applications

Communications Satellite-based Augmentation System (SBAS)

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Dedicated SmallSat Facility

State of the art electronics bay, office space, and clean room


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Launch Services

The SSL 100 platform is compatible with many available launch vehicles and SSL’s experienced team can provide launch vehicle interface and integration services


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Download the SmallSat Brochure here.


Contact smallsats@sslmda.com for more information.