1300 Series Satellite Platform

The 1300 series is a space-proven platform for a wide range of satellite services and is an industry leader in power, performance, and reliability. The 1300 was first introduced in the mid-1980s and has been in constant evolutionary development to deliver increasingly higher power, greater flexibility, and longer mission life, keeping SSL in the forefront of satellite technology.

The versatile 1300 series has a total satellite power capability ranging from 5 to 25 kW continuously throughout the life of the spacecraft, and can support from as few as 12 active transponders to as many as 150 transponders.

SSL's 1300 features a lightweight and high-strength structure, fuel-efficient attitude and stationkeeping subsystems, high-efficiency and reliable solar arrays and batteries, and advanced command and control subsystems.

SSL manufactures the 1300 in our state-of-art facility in Palo Alto, California. Integration of components into payload and bus subsystems, as well as satellite system-level testing, are all performed in this location with highly efficient and well-established processes. This centralized production philosophy coupled with colocated subsystem and systems engineering resources enables SSL to deliver reliable satellites on a dependable schedule.