Scalable Platform

The SSL 1300 is the world’s most popular spacecraft platform, designed to accommodate evolutionary technology advances. It was one of the first spacecraft platforms to provide solar electric propulsion (SEP) and has been used to demonstrate next-generation technologies including Q/V-band, photonics and a payload orbital delivery system (PODS) that brings small free-flying spacecraft to GEO.

SSL's 1300 platform features a lightweight and high-strength structure, fuel-efficient attitude and station-keeping subsystems, high-efficiency and reliable solar arrays and batteries, and advanced command and control subsystems.



SSL 1300 Satellite Overview


Solar Array Antenna Reflector OSR (Optical Solar Reflector) Thermal Blanket Antenna Subreflector Tower Structure TT&C Antenna Earth Sensor Antenna Feed TWTA Communications Panel Electronics SCE (Spacecraft Control Electronics) Batteries Propulsion Tank Thruster Stationary Plasma Thruster



1 = Solar Array
2 = Propulsion Tank
3 = OSR (Optical Solar Reflector
4 = Tower Structure
5 = Stationary Plasma Thruster
6 = Antenna Reflector
7 = Antenna Subreflector
8 = Communications Panel Electronics
9 = SCE (Spacecraft Control Electronics)
10 = Thruster
11 = Antenna Feed
12 = Earth Sensor
13 = Thermal Blanket
14 = TWTA
15 = Batteries
16 = TT&C Antenna