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Subsystems and Services

Rapid access to SSL’s extensive facilities and services to achieve development, qualification and production objectives.


From concept to cure, SSL’s composites technology and capabilities provide optimized, high reliability solutions. SSL’s design, analysis, and manufacturing experts team with customers to deliver engineered composite structures that meet cost, performance, and schedule requirements.

End To End Solutions

Composite structures optimized for requirements.
Expertise in analyzing complex composite structures.
Extensive manufacturing facilities and equipment.
Ultra high precision assembly fixturing and tooling.
Thermal cycle, thermal vacuum,thermo elastic distortion, static load, vibration, acoustic
Extensive materials library and strong supply chain.
Composites Center of Excellence dedicated to advancing composites technologies.

SSL’s efforts to reduce hazardous waste, conserve water, recycle, reduce emissions and the use of fossil fuels, and protect the space environment benefit the company, the community, and the planet. In protecting the environment, the company has also discovered increased efficiencies and a happier workforce. SSL employees are pleased to work for a company that cares for the well-being of the environment and places an importance on how it leaves the world for future generations.

Over 10,000 Composite Parts Per Spacecraft

SSL has an extensive history of building high-reliability composite structures.

  • Fully equipped facility
  • Precision assembly equipment

Manufacturing Facilities

48,000 sq. ft. composite manufacturing facility 15,000 sq. ft. assembly facility Three large ovens largest
16' x 11' x 24'
Three autoclaves largest 10' dia x 21' long Large (14' x 14' x 10') thermal cycling chamber for photogrammetry Large (13' x 10') CNC
panel router
Large (5' X 10') 5-Axis CNC Router Ultra-high precision alignment and assembly fixturing and tooling Three large (10' x 12') graphite tables for panel molding and bonding
Digital photogrammetry Large walk-in freezer (for prepreg storage) High bay with overhead crane
Dedicated composites machine shop Automated ply cutter with laser projection Laser tracker measurement system
Laser ply projection Clean rooms for assembly and bonding Two compression molding presses

Materials Library

Carbon Fiber Prepregs Style Resin System Properties
M55J Plain weave Epoxy High modulus, spacecraft structures
M55J Unidirectional tape Epoxy High modulus, spacecraft structures
T300 Plain weave Epoxy High modulus, spacecraft structures
Fiberglass fabric Plain weave Epoxy Low cost, RF transparent
Polyaramid fabric Plain weave Cyanate ester High modulus, RF transparent
Triax fabric Triaxial weave Cyanate ester Ultra high modulus, acoustically permeable antenna reflectors
Partially spread fabric Plain weave Cyanate ester Ultra high modulus, dimensionally stable structures
YS80A Unidirectional tape Epoxy Ultra high modulus, stiffness driven applications
K13D2U Unidirectional tape Cyanate ester High thermal conductivity
TEM-9015 1/2 Chopped graphite Epoxy Molding compound, low cost

Environmental Testing

SSL Provides Rapid Space Qualification Through Environmental Testing

  • Validate Design to Meet Launch Vehicle and Operational Requirements
  • Reduce Risk
  • Measure and Correlate Performance to Models

Materials testing at SSL

Dedicated Environmental Test Facilities for SmallSats

Capable of -170 °C to +150 °C;
Vacuum Level 1 x 10 -6 torr
Capable of -160 °C to +180 °C
Testing up to: 18,000 pounds force.
Compact & Near Field Antenna Test Range
Capable of testing S to Ka-Band
EMI/EMC testing
TQCM and RGA measurements available.






Thermal Vacuum and Cycling Chambers

Clean Room Classification Vacuum Capabilities (Torr) Thermal Range (°C) Thermal Base Plate Size Orientation (in.) Chamber Size (in.)
M6.5 (100K PPM) >1 x 10-5 140 to -65 16 x 25 23 x 47
M6.5 (100K PPM) >1 x 10-5 180 to -100 48 x 48 104 x 210
M5 (10K PPM) >1 x 10-5 180 to -100 48 x 48 72 x 70
M6.5 (100K PPM) N/A 160 to -160 N/A 114 x 137


Vibration Testing

Clean Room Classification  Controller: M+P (Channels) Force Rating: Sine/Radom (lbf) Displacement
(pk-pk) (in.)
Slip-Table: Dimension Hole Pattern (in.) Head-Expander: Dimension Hole Pattern (in.)
ECA (Environmentally Controlled Area) 32 10000/10000 1 20 x 20
2 x 2, 1/4-20
2 x 2, 1/4-20
ECA (Environmentally Controlled Area) 16 8000/8000 2 28 x 28
2 x 2, 1/4-20
2 x 2, 1/4-20
M6.5 (100K PPM) 64 17000/
1 42 x 42
4 x 4, 1/4-20
4 x 4, 1/4-20
ECA (Environmentally Controlled Area) 32 17000/
1 48 x 48
4 x4 , 1/4-20
4 x 4, 1/4-20


Antenna Test Facilities

Clean Room Classification Antenna Test
Range Type
Window (in)
Range (Hz)
Range Accuracy Dynamic Range (db) Range Pointing
Accuracy RSS)
M6.5 (100K PPM) Compact Antenna 192" x 192" 2-31 Amplitude Taper:
± 0.5 to 1.0 db
Amplitude Ripple:
± 0.5 db
Phase Taper:
7 to 10°
55-70 ± 0.03°
M6.5 (100K PPM) Near Field 260" x 260" 1.6-31 Scanner Planarity:
Less than 1 mil in X,Y,Z axis
>55 0.007° deg per pointing axis





Material Testing

SSL SV offers Space Expertise in Materials and Testing.

Our Material Testing Capabilities Include:





Engineering Services

From Concept to Launch, SSL SV offers full Product Life Cycle services.

Our Service Capabilities Include