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How Satellites Are Used

Satellites provide essential infrastructure for communications, information and entertainment around the world. Demand is driven by the proliferation of digital content and the ever increasing need to transport this content, whether it is video, audio, images, voice or other data.

Direct-to-consumer services such as satellite TV and satellite radio are just part of the story. Communications satellites are used to connect people and businesses to the Internet, deliver television programming to networks for broadcast television and cable, support cellular networks in remote areas, and to enable the immediate upload of news from anywhere on the globe.

Satellites provide communications where wires and cables can’t reach

  • Mobile Communications
    • Ships at sea
    • People on planes
    • Disaster recovery
  • Corporate Networks
    • Oil and gas wells
    • Mining

Satellites Contribute to a Better World

  • Emergency Services
  • Search and Rescue
  • Telemedicine
  • Distance Learning
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Economic Opportunities in Remote Regions
  • Infrastructure Around the World

High Throughput Satellites

SSL is a leader in providing HTS satellites, also known as broadband satellites and has built some of the world’s highest capacity systems. Broadband satellites can provide high speed connectivity in places that terrestrial infrastructure can’t reach, and they can offload other networks, with services such as cellular backhaul.

Today’s high throughput satellites are providing broadband access for the maritime and aviation industries, both for consumer and industrial applications. At SSL we are especially proud of the satellites that we have built that bring essential services such as distance learning and telemedicine to rural areas and improve lives in remote communities.

SSL built the Sky Muster satellites for Australia’s national broadband network and you can see how this has changed the lives of one family in Australia’s outback. View the video here.

Direct-Broadcast Satellites

Direct-broadcast satellites transmit signals for consumer applications, such as satellite television and radio. Satellite signals are sent directly to users through their own receiving antennas or satellite dishes. Satellite radio is designed to be received by small mobile antennas such a in a car and provides consistent programming across broad geographic areas.

Fixed Satellite Service

FSS satellites are used for television content distribution and for many other communications. They are used for private corporate networks and for applications such as banking, inventory control and distribution of training and digital signage. SSL built the first satellite dedicated to banking applications for Bank BRI in Indonesia, which has mobile branches on boats and trucks. FSS satellites also play a key role in emergency operations and news reporting and can provide back-up to critical networks that cannot risk down time due to terrestrial infrastructure issues.